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We love that you're considering going a step beyond old school daycare and dog walking. To see if your dog qualifies for 10 sessions of totally free playtime, answer a few questions for us!

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Dog Personality Test

We match them with a play group of up to 3 other doggy best friends

Meet & Greet with the Whistler

Ask the Whistler anything and let them meet you and your dog. No time limit.

First day of Play

Your dog is picked up from home at the set time for playtime at the park - New dog friends!

Set the schedule as you wish with your Whistler. No complicated apps or forms to fill.


Learn why we’re the best choice for your pup.

I, hereby acknowledge and agree that all the information provided in this Playtime Application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I consent to Whistler, use of such information for all lawful business purposes which may include, but is not limited to, for example, providing Whistler services to you, operating the Whistler business, and using data that includes information about you and your dog for marketing or other purposes. I further attest that if I am not the owner or sole owner of the dog(s) for whom this Playtime Application has been completed, my submission is sufficient to enter into this Application for and on behalf of any other owner or representative. By submitting the Playtime Application, I acknowledge and agree that my dog(s) will be commingling with dogs from other families while in the care of Whistler.


We’re looking forward to having you at our event.