Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Whistler Walker screening process?

We have an extensive interview with the candidate, we then meet them in-person with dogs who belong so some of our employees (this is an opt-in program of course) just to test the Whistlers with our own dogs before we trust them with yours. We also have a shadow plan where a more experienced Whistler will shadow a new hire to ensure they’re doing everything right. We have frequent check-ins and even have a program where we reward our customers for providing feedback on how our Whistlers and our company can do better. Ask us for more info!

Can I request a specific Whistler Walker?

Yes, you can! About 90% of our customers use our service on a day to day basis which allows us to make sure the same walker handles their dog every single time. Our hope is that as your dog grows and matures, our Whistler Playtime Expert will be there consistently to observe changes in their behavior and bond!

Can I meet my Whistler Walker?

Yes, we would encourage it! We would love for our Whistlers to meet you in-person so you can witness their skills and comfort level with your dog. Our Whistlers are always open to feedback on how to handle your dog specifically.

How do you decide which dog pack is best for my dog?

The dog is placed into a pack based on their size, age, social behavior, comfort with dogs of different sizes, and location. We want your dog to feel comfortable in their dog packs and make new friends!

We also have a special Senior Citizens program for older, and lower energy dogs who may not love the crowded and younger dog environment in a dog park. Contact us for more details!

Can I book a one time play session?

Yes you can. You can mention it in the notes section while making the booking or over the phone when your Whistler representative calls you. And don’t worry about billing, we only charge you at the end of the week for the amount of service you’ve used.

Can I book a recurring play session?

Yes, in fact we encourage it! Consistent play routines are the best for your furry friends (and their soon-to-be best friends too). Most of our customers have playtime scheduled for every weekday around noon. Our Whistlers pick up your dog every weekday along with his/her playmates. If for any reason you don’t need our services on any day, just let us know! We will never charge you for play sessions you don’t need. We promise that if you need service on very short notice, we will do our best to get to you.

Can I cancel a playtime session?

Yes you can! Obviously, your dog’s furry pals will miss their friend, but it won’t be long before the next play session! Let us know at least 6 hours before your Whistler is scheduled to arrive. You can do this by emailing If it’s more urgent, please text us at 312-481-6042.

Can I edit a playtime session?

Yes you can. Please let us know at least 2 days in advance to allow us to make the necessary updates to the schedule for our Whistler playtime experts. You can do this by emailing If it’s more urgent, please text us at 312-481-6042.

How do you go into my apartment?

There’s a few ways we do this. One way is that you leave an extra key fob/key at the front desk and our Whistler picks it up and drops it off when they arrive at your home. Another way would be to leave the spare key/fob in our free Whistler lockbox which you can latch onto your door handle or other convenient location. If you’re too busy to make a duplicate key/fob, or if you don’t want to pay for it, let us know. We will take care of duplicating your key and putting it in the Whistler lockbox for you, at no added charge!

What should I prepare for the playtime?

Absolutely nothing! Unlike other services, our Whistlers come fully prepared with leashes, poop bags, and all the basics! If there’s any toys, treats, or things you’d like us to do with/for your pet before or after playtime, let us know! We’ll make sure you get the same playtime expert every single time so your dog and our Whistler know each other well.

If you have additional questions feel free to contact us!