Outdoor dog pack playtime

Does your dog have amazing emotional, social, and physical health? Wish you had more time and energy for the dog park?

Give your dog the safe and fun group outdoor playtime they love - without breaking the bank. Same trusted person every time. Same doggy play group.

As low as


for 45 minutes of play!

As low as



45 minutes of play!


10 Free Playtime Sessions.

No Commitments. No Payment Info.

It only takes three minutes.

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Loved by hundreds of dog parents


If you don’t see any positive behavior changes in your dog after your two week trial we’ll mail you a $20 Amazon Gift Card. No questions asked!

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Dog Personality Test

We match them with a play group of up to 3 other doggy best friends

Meet & Greet with the Whistler

Ask the Whistler anything and let them meet you and your dog. No time limit.

First day of Play

Your dog is picked up from home at the set time for playtime at the park - New dog friends!

Set the schedule as you wish with your Whistler. No complicated apps or forms to fill.

Regular customers get a discount! For more information click below.

Thoughtfully Tailored to You & Your Dog

Highly Paid Whistlers

Our Whistlers are highly paid and work with us long term – they’re people you can meet, know, and trust

Lock & Key Concierge

We provide lockboxes and even have a free key duplication service to make getting started easy

Consistent Schedule

We take your dog out midday when everyone’s ready to play – if you need flexibility, ask!

Expert Matching

We’re not a daycare – we thoughtfully match your dog into a playpack based on size, age, and personality

Food, Meds, and Love

We will follow your food and medication routine - it's the same Whistler every time.

Highly Paid Whistlers

Our Whistlers are highly paid and work with us long term – they’re people you can meet, know, and trust

Free Toys!

We love spoiling dogs with their favorite toys without being asked to do it

Health & Safety

Any injuries during playtime will be covered by us – no questions asked

1-Text Away Always

No complex mobile apps – you get dedicated customer service and a responsible Whistler

Invites to Fun Dog Events

You and your dog will get invites to fun dog-themed events where everyone can make more friends!

Autopilot Scheduling

Customers say we’re the least effort to schedule with and have great flexibility and consistency

Amazing Referral Program

Spread the word to get a $50 Amazon gift card and customized goodies each time!


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